and did they used to be prettier when we burned more coal?

February 2023

Welcome to Natural Wonders. This week my post is a bit different, as you’ll see below. Thank you for your patience as I navigate my feelings right now…
If there are, how can I find them?

January 2023

Welcome to Natural Wonders, where lately I’ve been on a tree kick and it looks like that trend will continue with the next issue because yesterday I…
AKA: Barbara's question

December 2022

(and will the polar vortex kill off our invasive spiders?)
Welcome to Natural Wonders, where we celebrate the weirdness and beauty of nature! I apologize for being a week late with this issue - family health…

November 2022

Welcome to Natural Wonders, where we’re thankful for nature’s fascinating ability to adapt by growing trees on stilts and oaks built to survive…
Welcome to Natural Wonders, a place where we dig into what’s amazing about hummingbirds and why waterfalls are good for your health and so many other…

October 2022

Welcome to Natural Wonders! I hope, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, that you’ve been able to enjoy the fall season and all the beautiful colors…
Welcome to Natural Wonders, where we learn about weird and fascinating elements of nature. If you’re new, check out the archives, and if you were…

September 2022

Welcome to Natural Wonders! This is where we celebrate weird and wonderful aspects of nature — the more questions I ask in this newsletter, the more I…